HISTORY the history of elk®

Development in response to the needs

Cushion material which has roles of support the weight, absorb the shock, and absorb the sounds has been useful for everyday life.
elk was born around 1990s as a high performed polyester cushion. Already around 1980s the needs of material for reducing global warming was required, and had been searching for new material.Besides, the request for more comfortable cushion material was also became high.Based on these background, elk has been developed as a higher performed cushion material than conventional non-woven.

From home use to industrial use

elk is an innovative cushion material which has stable and flexible bonding point. It helps improve durability, Air permeability and elasticity.
At the 1992, the first usage was for bedding material, then the usage has expanded to hospital bed mattress, aircraft seat, and so on.
More familier usage is for brassiere pad and furniture cushion.
Since 2006, elk has been selected to the train seat as well, and elk mattress has been started to export to overseas since 2013.

Safety and ecology

elk is a safety and ecological material because of very few quantity of toxic gas on combustion.
Also elk is a recyclable material.
elk always supports our lives and innovative industries as well.

1992 /
Started to sale for bedding use
1995 /
Mattress at hospital
2000 /
Seat cushion for aerospace
2001 /
Brassiere pad
2006 /
Train seat
2013 /
Mattress for overseas